Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello to all our friends and family thank you for following us on our family's journey of adoption. First of all alot of people ask us what has made us want to do something so crazy as adopt a child we already have two adorable boys of our own. Every time someone asks us that Robbie and I just look at each other and laugh, it is kinda funny to us how we got this awesome crazy thing going.

Back in January a week after the Haiti earthquake God started a work in our hearts. That weekend prior I had been Facebook talking with a friend that was wanting to adopt a child from Ethiopia, and told her how awesome I thought it was to do such a thing, and always loved the idea. I never thought it would be something two days later I would be consider for my family to do. I was watching Good Morning America that following Monday morning and it was about families that was adopting from Haiti and the home coming of the children to their American families and once again I thought how wonderful to be able to adopt.

At work that afternoon I got a text from Robbie and it read something like this...............
this may sound crazy.. but what would you think about trying to adopt one of those Haitian orphans? I am looking on the web at work and it breaks my heart.

I responded by texting back by saying "is this my husband? lol, but really I was just thinking about that too this morning about how great it would be to do so.

He responded by if I knew what to do or who to call, I believe I would do it and not think twice about it. We have all the clothes and stuff for another kid. Nate would love having a chocolate brother or sister.

And so we continued to discuss the options of adoption and looking in to helping a child as much a we could there was a few road blocks for Haiti, one all new adoptions were on hold due to the earthquake and the other two was on us they require one parent to be 35yrs or older and married for 10yrs, well the 10yr mark is coming up soon so no problem with that but the other two roadblocks was gonna have to be moved by God if he is calling us to Haiti.

We continued to pray about this journey we were considering to enter on. One day I got up and was praying and told God I didn't want to do this it was too scary and if he wanted us to really do this then he needed to give me a sign that day. (I don't like to ask God for a sign in the same day like that but he knew what I really needed.) So at work on the radio they had an author of a book about adoption on talking about bringing children out of the hard places and being adopted, I cried. On my way home on J103 the radio station was have a live broadcast at Bethany Christian Services (where we are going thru for the adoption). They were also talking about adoption and once again I have cried. God gave me not one but two signs that this is his will and our calling for our family.

We officially started our paper work in April 2010, and I haven't looked back or been fearful of this calling.

Even though this journey looks long and the Mountain looks high (especially looking at a $25,000 high mountain). For we know that all things work for the good for those that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose Romans 8:28

To everyone that is supporting us either financially or thru prayer Thank you!


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  1. I am so proud of you guys! Adoption is a long road that is for sure. We have felt the calling for over a year now. We are waiting on a couple of "mountains" to get out of our way right now. I know God is moving them...I think he may want me to learn to WAIT. UGH! I hate! We are praying for you guys!! Sherri