Monday, July 12, 2010


Okay so now I've told you what broke our hearts to adopt but some still ask why Ethiopia? Well we went to the seminar from Bethany Christian services and looked at all the countries they offered to help. Ethiopia was shorter wait than any other country. We knew we wanted our little one to be around the same age as the boys so we didn't want to wait 2-3yrs for this journey. So we continued to pray and God is showing us still today that Ethiopia is where our little girl is gonna come from.

Alot of people is also asking us why adopt international? Well I just say that my heart is broken for further than here. Plus it is harder to adopt domestic. Also another question is why not just have another biological child? Answer: no. lol, really I did not enjoy being pregnant and was miserable. But the Bible tells soooooo many times to take care of the orphans and so we feel the calling to bring in an orphan.

Now with that I'm not saying everyone needs to adopt, but everyone needs to take care of orphans in some way, either through financially, prayer, or just being a warm body for the orphanage. There are millions of children that needs/wants someone to love them. I am so grateful that I am gonna be able to do this.

We are not trying to change the world, we just want to change the world for one child.

God Bless!

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